Since 2014, the iVote-jeVote stage has hosted prominent Canadian practitioners, politicians and academics from across the political spectrum to debate Canadian policy.

Upcoming Events

Democracy: Non-violent struggles for recognition
May 13, 2019
Panel discussion

How do you change a democracy? What lessons can be learned from these countries' experiences? Can struggling non-democratic states replicate such significant change without civil war? How does your point of departure influence your tools and mechanisms for change? As global confidence in institutions declines, how can populations guard against complacency, apathy and disengagement?

To answer these questions, we are honoured to welcome the following panelists:

  • Dr. Cindy Blackstock, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society
  • Ebrahim Ebrahim, Deputy Minister, African National Congress, South Africa
  • Rajmohan Gandhi, Professor, University of Illinois

Open government: The confrontation with politics, money and democracy
May 27, 2019
Panel discussion

While the principles of open-government are laudable, does it work in practice? What are the realities of fostering transparency for actors and institutions (e.g. media, public service, etc.)? In the real-world of power and incentives, how do money, politics and institutions confront and shape governance and open-government?

To answer these questions and more, we're pleased to welcome esteemed moderator James Baxter, founder of iPolitics, and a fantastic panel! 

  • Karim Bardeesy, Ryerson Leadership Institute, former senior political staff and journalist
  • Stephanie Kusie, Member of Parliament
  • Jacquie Choquette, Vice-President & Group Leader, Hill & Knowlton Strategies
  • Kevin Page, President & CEO, IFSD and Canada's First Parliamentary Budget Officer